Saturday, June 26, 2010

Enervon Hapontukin, Facebook, Youtube & Nuffnang Blog Contest

Here's My Blog Entry To the Enervon Hapontukin & Nuffnang Blog Contest

See this cool video TVC Enervon Hapontukin

I work in a call center team leader aside from being a blogger.
Being sleep in the office, i remember my boss said to us.
Always manned your rep when you are late or fall asleep,
For example you fall a total 1hour late, sleep or nap in the office the whole shift.
If you got 17 reps you already lost 17 hours company time.
You need to manned them, lead them, supervise, coach and guide them. 
Imagine that lost hours and lost productivity.

When you are hapontokin your friends, family,office mates and boss would make fun of you.
Also my friend here making fun of me in this picture.
They woke me up and put necklace on to my bald head and got picture. After boisterous laughter 
When hapontukin sets in, I was very sleepy and tired that i want to put toothpick between my eyelids.. You can't do the job well, Your friends pissed you off and your boss or colleges hates you..
Because you miss your task, your responsibility and your obligation.
Weither you are in the meeting, office, home or with some friends its not really good tho be hapontokin.

Also i feel like i was more beaten the Manny Pacqiao's opponent after the fight in the arena. 

So i need more energy, more vitamins, more charisma  and more productivity...

I admit to myself that im a hapontokin sometimes so i need to be energize and to stay active in my career, stay in good shape as well as good health.
To this spectacular world championship activity in this Fifa World Cup Season. Aside from doing well in the office and  corporate world.
Also spending quality time with our family, friends, colleges with the help of anti hapontukin Enervon.
don't forget Enervon Multivitamins, More energy mas happy.
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Here's a Typical Day in Call Center
For Anti Hapontukin Spoof Agaw PSP Game!
Yehey!!! i'm Awake!!!! Hmp!! Ayw mu pa ibigay ha..yehey!!!!

Here's The Email Below I Receive from Nuffnang!
So Winners, Bloggers and friends let's join this contest????
But before that be a nuffnang member first.. and see there exclusive invitation below..

Hi, Nuffnangers!
Have you experienced hapontukin?  It’s a condition where 
youdon't have enough energy to last you through the day. 
Kaya you're always antok sa hapon!
If you’re like most of us, you’ve had your hapontukin moments,
Then tell us about it!  How do you cope when hapontukin sets
in?   Show us!
There are 3 categories:
Most Creative Hapontukin Coping Technique
Funniest Hapontukin Blog Post
Best Hapontukin Blog Post
How to join:
1.      Open to Nuffnangers.
2.      Blog about your hapontukin moment/s.  Answer this 
question, “When hapontukin sets in, I . . .”
3.      Be creative in showing how you cope with hapontukin!
4.      Submit your contest entry URL, name, address, 
mobile number, and e-mail address to
5.      The contest runs from June 21 to July 21, 2010.
How to win:
            Quality of post - 40%
            Creativity - 30%
            Relevance to the theme - 30%
What to win:

Winners will be announced on Nuffnang’s blog.   
Prizes will be claimed at the Nuffnang office.
Blog your way to these prizes!
The Nuffnang Team

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This 2010, Enervon for Adults has finally launched its 
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nice! funny pic you got there. Cool site

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Thanks a lot Yudz! You have entry as well?

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heres muy youtube link

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