Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 out of thousand ways to win a CAR

5 out of thousand ways to win a CAR

1. Go shopping to SM Appliance and fill up the form.
2. Go shopping or grocery to Trinoma or Ayala Mall Shop and Fill up the form ( I just drop 10 entries last week)You can win Jaguar or Trip to London
3. Just video tape your 30-60 seconds effort on tipid fuel tips ( like this you can win cash, car and trip to Malaysia :
you can like me in facebook if you want. (My tips you try to videotape put into neutral when in traffic or check water and oil everyday).
4. Go shopping grocery to pure gold (sign up and win 1million pesos or car) My cousin's wife just won 1m couple of months ago. (i just drop 2 entries here)
5. Go to mercury drug store's buy and drop entries. (I just drop 5 entries couple of days ago)

When you buy some basic necessities be smart maybe you'll be lucky enough to win a fabulous international trip, cash or car. Just your minute of your effort have a probability to get your fortune.

The Reward of Your a minute effort may cost you 10years of salary employment.

Or if you want no capital or you got no money at all grab a cellphone or camera and do what i've done in way #3.

Ok see you at Newspapers or Sponsors Office Awarding Ceremony?
I've visit i think more than 100 office already...most of them are minor prize... 
Keep on Winning and Joining, We are all winner's here at the Winner's place...

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Jayson R. Biadog said...

6 out of thousand ways..just as easy fill up this on line form from ford facebook!