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About 41st National Marketing Conference 2010 & Blog Contest

41st National Marketing Conference 2010
About 41st National Marketing Conference 2010 & Blog Contest
This seminar will enable you and you team to sharpen your Marketing Skills, Leadership and Management.
This seminar are facilitated by a groups of  expert and professionals.
Please see profile and company Backround below.

Day 1
Tracking The Fast Lane In A Bubbly
And Fuzzy Global Market Session 1. – 9:00-10:00
The Global Shakedown: From the West to
the East to the Southeast in Hyper Speed
by HIS EXCELLENCY BENIGNO AQUINO, III President Elect, Republic of the Philippines
Session 2. - 10:00-11:00
Laying Bare the Customer Minder – Loyalty or Infedility? by RJ Esteban, President of the Philippine Social Research Center (PSRC) and a professional lecturer at the Ateneo de Manila University teaching courses in Marketing

Session 3. –
Niche to Dominate or Dominate Niche?
by Thomas Fernandez, author of two best selling
marketing books. Niche Dominators and Secrets to
Dominate Your Niche.
Session 4. – 1:30-2:30
The Difference Shades of Green and How Green
Marketing Can Grow Your Market and Sales
in Hyperspeed by Mr. Ricardo de Vera, MBA, CSP, Certified International Facilitator/Trainor-Singapore Training Institute
Session 5. – 2:30-3:30
Trapping the Elusive Generation Y Market
to Expand and Grow by Joselito B. Ortega, CEO, J Walter Thompson
Session 6. – 4:00-5:00
Tourism as the Country’s Express Lane Towards
Economic and Market Growth

Day 2
White Spaces In A Challenging
Session 1. – 9:00-10:00
The CEO’S Agenda for Driving Growth Through Marketing by Liezel Maralag, President & CEO, GMA Marketing & Productions, Inc.
Session 2. – 10:00-11:00
Transformative Marketing Through Organizational Development and Change by Prasanna Perera, a well known motivational speaker and marketing coach in Asia and Director and Fellow Member of the Canadian Institute of Marketing.
Learning Sessions - 11:00 – 12:00
Track 1: New Media Sessions by Jojit Alcazar, 11:00- Head of Mobile Advertising, Smart Communications.
Track 2: New Channel by Miguel Suterio, Managing Director, Trade Dynamics Consulting International, Inc.
Session 3. – 1:30-2:30
It’s a Free World – A Radical Management Model That Works in the Philippine Setting by Philippine Daily Inquirer

Session 4.
– 2:30-3:30
Dot’s Marketing by Jose Emmanuel Disini, CEO of DotPH
Session 5. – 3:30-4:30
The Green Scorecard in a Brown Economy
by Ms. Ma. Victoria E. Añonuevo, Sr. Vice President, Group Head of Ayala Malls Group and Ayaland Businesscapes.
Closing Session - 4:30 – 5:30
The Future of Marketing Communication by Ma. Teresa D. Villanueva, Chairman of Publicis-Manila, and an expert in integrated marketing communication.
Closing Ceremony – 5:30

About PMA  Objectives

The principal purposes of the Association are to develop and promote Marketing as a science and a profession guided principally by the universal principles of ethics, corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility and to serve as a  policy-making and re commendatory arm of the govenment on Marketing related issues.
Its other purposes are as stated in the Articles of Incorporation of the Association.
The Founders
In January 27, 1954, the Philippine Marketing Association was born in the minds of 15 men and women determined to develop marketing into a science and a noble profession: Conrado P. Angeles, Marcela M. Baldoz, Agustin Tan Bibiana, Anastacio de Castro, Antonio R. de Joya, Pancracio Estayo, Cirilo S. Honorio, Remigio M. Kalalang, Emilio M. Maceda, Jose R. L. Orosa, Manuel S. Rustia, Teofilo P. Sison, Sr., nathaniel Tablante, C.C. Unson, Sr., and Santiago Yap.
Theirs was a vision simple and clear. To create awareness on the power of marketing in business, industry and the academe, both here and abroad.
Philippine Marketing Association, 1965-1973
- first ASPAC Regional Marketing Conference, 1964
- first National Marketing Conference, 1966
- first publication of ” Marketing Age”, 1966
- first Speakers’ Bureau for campuses
- Philippine Marketing Association chapters formed in Cebu, Makati & Quezon City
- first Philippine Marketing Association Nat’l Council, 1969
- first National Marketing Week, 1971
The Presidents:
1965 – Noel J. Araneta
1966 – Anacleto T. del Rosario
1967 – Jose P. Magsaysay
1968-70 – Rodolfo P. Olivares
1971 – Santiago T. Robles
1972 – Vicente C. Dinglasan
1973 – Cornelio P. Mapa
Philippine Marketing Association, 1974-1983
The mantle of leadership passed from one industry pillar to another, Staying alive for 20 fruitful years was a cause for celebration in 1974.
PMA’s marketing efforts bridged not only Philippine cities, but nations in the Asia Pacific and ASEAN regions as well.
- marketing workshops & seminars under R.S. Esguerra, 1974
- 20th Philippine Marketing Association Anniversary celebration
- 6th ASPAC Regional Marketing Conference
- public hearing of Consumer Code of the Philippines, 1976
- NMC’s 1974, 1976,
- launch of Member Emeritus Award
- Emilio Maceda – 1st posthumous award
- first ASEAN Marketing Conference, 1977
- first woman president of Philippines Marketing Association
On the occasion of its Silver Anniversary, Philippine Marketing Association launched the Agora Awards Program for outstanding contributions to Philippine Marketing.
And the leaders all stood to the occasion.
- PMA Silver Anniversary, 1979
- first Agora Awards program, 1979
- first Past President’s Council
- establishment of Philippine Marketing
Development Foundation, Inc. 1983
The Presidents
1974 – Renato S. Esguerra
1975 – Herminio A. Astorga
1976-77 – Ernesto G. Rosales
1978 – Marie Lou Santiago
1979 – Agustin R. Bengzon
1980 – Virgilio S. Cruz
1981 – Manuel R. Medina
1982 – Gregorio Araneta II
1983 – Isabelita S. Palanca
Marked by turbulent economic and political upheavals, the PMA embraced the 80s with an equally trailblazing passion to improve the practice and teaching of Marketing and further develop the professional growth of the marketing man & woman.
Philippine Marketing Association, 1984- 1993
- first National Collegiate Marketing Conference
- first out-of-town location of the 20th & 21th NMC (in Baguio), 1989
- establishment of the Marketing Institute of the Philippines, 1989
- revival of Marketing Week in 1989
- establishment of Community Affairs Committee
- first one-year marketing course for HS graduates
with full scholarship from Philippine Marketing Association members,1990
- first Agora Lecture Series in 1991
- PMA/PSRC Research Grant, 1991
- establishment of Ten Outstanding Marketing Students and Three Outstanding Marketing Associations (TOSMA & TOMAS)
- launch of the Agora Book, 1992
- formal entry of Philippine Marketing Association to the APMF as one of the founding members
- Philippine Marketing Association 3-in-1 Membership Card System
Passing the reins of the association were some of the industry’s brightest and youngest movers and shakers. Expectations ran high as Philippine Marketing Association entered its 40th year of influence in Philippine Marketing in the comfort of its new office. World class marketing became a standard of excellence, as the Association sought to learn, improve and share its experiences with the global community and its stories of success and compassion to communities at home.
The Presidents:
1984 – Bernardo D. Pacheco
1985 – Cora Doloroso
1986 – Murine D. Distor
1987 – Felix M. Lao & Felicito O. Guba
1988 – Sandy P. Pagulayan
1989-90 Maximo S. Joaquin, Jr.
1991 – Josiah L. Go.
1992 – Leopoldo S. Viola
1993 – Erlinda B. de Guzman
Philippine Marketing Association, 1994-2006
- Philippine Marketing Association at 40 Ruby Anniversary
- moved top condo-office in Cityland 10 Tower 1
- launch of Certified Professional Marketers program
- first 2 Filipino PMAers passed the CPM program,
- formation of the World Marketing Federation in Bangkok, 1995
- tie ups with local & international affiliates, 1996
- participant in Russian Marketing Conference, 1998
- Philippine Marketing Association launched for worldwide franchise, 1998
- Asia Pacific Marketing Federation conference participated in by 12 countries, 1999
- first televised Agora Awards, 1999
- community affairs – rescue at Cherry Hills disaster, 1999
- Member-get-Member program
- 1st Stratmark Lecture in Manila, 2001
- close relationship with DTI and other agencies
- Philippine Marketing Association activities with PGMA
The last several years of Philippine Marketing Association was blessed with the talent and hands-on experience of the industry’s cream of the crop.
The Presidents:
1994 – Pearl K. Gonsalves
1995 – Amado A. Malacaman, Jr.
1996 – Jose Jesus F. Roces
1997 – Edmundo Q. Quiocho
1998 – Bienvenido S. Policarpio
1999 – Teodora M. Marasigan
2000-01 – Jose Jesus F. Roces
2002 – Ma. Victoria E. Anonnuevo
2003 – Dr. Leonardo R. Garcia
2004 – Joselito B. Ortega
2005 – Donald Patrick L. Lim
2006 – Tomas C. Banguis, Jr.
2007 – Frederick Alegre
2008 – Alexander Flores
Today, after 5 memorable decades, we have become what we have dreamed of. Our mission and goals have shown us the way.
We have surpassed the odds…we have transformed the industry, and created a profession like no other.
Together, we have made the Philippine Marketing Association an institution of marketing excellence, and an uncompromising engine of change in the industry.
Yes, our 54 years maybe up, but our golden years are just beginning.

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Get a free delegate pass: 41st National Marketing Conference

By Janet Torral 

The Philippine Marketing Association is organizing the 41st National Marketing Conference this June 24 and 25 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Pasay City. We are giving away two (2) delegate passes to this event. Search Profile Index (to be launched on June 24) is a proud sponsor of this conference.
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I hope you can join and see you at the 41st National Marketing Conference!
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Janette ToralJanette Toral 
The Philippine Marketing Association is organizing the 41st National Marketing Conference this June 24 and 25 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Pasay City. We are giving away two (2) delegate passes to this event.

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