Thursday, May 6, 2010

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WANTED: Unsung heroes

Have you ever been a part of history?

The total manifestation of the Filipino spirit was shown during the EDSA Revolution in 1986. Students standing up for their rights, religious sects forgetting their differences and social classes were overlooked/dismissed as they fought together to free the country from tyranny and reclaim its independence.

That was a time in the Philippines when everyone became a hero and a part of history in their own way. And today, Toblerone wants to seek some of the individuals of the revolution and extend their sweet thank you to these people with the launch “The Unsung Heroes of EDSA”.

“We believe that freedom is something to be thankful for and we want to spread its sweetness by recognizing some of the unsung heroes who have made history.” shares Regina Pizarro, Brand Manager for Toblerone. “We want to ask the help of everyone to find the patriots in some of the most poignant EDSA Revolution photographs and give them a much-deserved acknowledgment.”

Tokens of gratitude will be given to those who will help Toblerone find these people: a child who became a catalyst for peace, a woman who bravely faced uncertainty and the nuns who showed their unwavering spirit and faith.

Spreading the sweetness of thanking those who stood up for our rights and country’s freedom is something Toblerone wants to instill in everyone by this project. And now, you can all be part of a history in the making by seeking out our patriotic heroes of EDSA. 

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Jayson R. Biadog said...

Jayson R. Biadog My nickname is JAJA i was born Oct 14, 1984. It's the most used slogan JAJA Stands for Justice for Aquino Justice for All..Ask all Jaja nickname born during Sen Ninoy Aquino Assasination. I'm part of the History!!