Friday, May 21, 2010

Microsoft Certification Exam; Win Flip Vedio, Samsung Jet Phone, Jackets, Laptop Bags

Microsoft Certification Exam; Win Flip Vedio, Samsung Jet Phone, Jackets, Laptop Bags

Are you planning to take a Microsoft Certification Exam? Then now’s the perfect time to do it because it’s RAINING HOT HOT this May! Check out the following promos on Microsoft Certification:

   All Microsoft Certification examinees*
from all Microsoft Philippines Certified Partners for Learning Solutions 
(CPLS)** for the month of May 2010 are eligible to win  the prize
of the week when they took the exam/s.
       One exam equals one raffle entry thus, 
the more exams you take, the more chances of winning
       Winners can only win once per week.
       Weekly winners can also be part of the Grand draw.
       Promo Period is from May 1-31, 2010
       WEEK 1 – May 1-9, 2010
       WEEK 2 – May 10-16, 2010
       WEEK 3 – May 17-23, 2010
       WEEK 4 – May 24-31, 2010
       Winners will be drawn and announced at the 
Microsoft Philippines website (
on the following dates:
       WEEK 1 Winners – May 11, 2010
       WEEK 2 Winners – May 18, 2010
       WEEK 3 Winners – May 25, 2010
       WEEK 4 Winners – June 1, 2010
       Grand Raffle Winner – June 1, 2010
       Winners can only win once per raffle. 
One item in the weekly draw and one item in the grand draw. 
Should an examinee win twice in the weekly or grand draw, 
the higher value prize  will be awarded to him.
        Winners will be notified through email on how can 
they claim their prize***.
* Includes Microsoft IT Professional, Developer,  
or Microsoft Dynamics certification examinees.
** Microsoft CPLS in the Philippines: DB Wizards, 
Edupro, MISNET Education and Taughtworks.
*** Prizes are not convertible to cash.
**** Microsoft reserves the right to apply changes and/or terminate
  this special offer without prior notice.
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Career Packages from Microsoft Learning 

Schedule and take any Microsoft Certification Exams 
next week and get a chance to win a MCP Ako Jacket
Contact any of our CPLS for more information:

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Don’t get left behind, see you in the cloud.

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