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Leadership Training: Power Speak

I've attended Sir Joey's Seminar and its's really Great!

Leadership Training Seminar: Power Speak

PowerSpeak is a training center for Leadership and Effective
 Communication envisioned as the premier professional
 development center in Asia


Enroll in the PowerSpeak training center
 and bring out the BEST in YOU!                        
 Whether it's to address an audience or speak one-on-one, the PowerSpeak
 tools and techniques will make it increasingly easy for you to develop the 
skills to communicate more effectively.
PowerTalk aims to develop in the participant a good, solid foundation
 in conversation basics with grammar review on subject-verb agreement, 
tenses, prepositions of time and space; simple, compound and complex 
sentences. Using clear explanations, you will understand the structures
of the language thereby making you more proficient and confident in speaking
 in English. This course provides you with abundant practice materials, 
explanation and personal analysis to help you express yourself more clearly.
 It is designed to help the participants in building self confidence in various
 social situations both in their personal and professional lives. It will be 
composed of a combination of lectures and exercises designed to build self-
confidence and effective speaking. It aims to make the participants active
 and credible in meetings, discussions, classes as well as different social 
Power Presentation & Public Speaking     
  This course is perfect for those who want to polish their public speaking
 and presentation skills. It covers all the basics of making a winning 
presentation, from preparation to the actual presentation. You will learn
 how to put down your ideas into a speech, capture the imagination of
 your audience.

Grammar Review & Mastery       
An intensive review of grammar rules and applications in everyday
 conversations and other communication.

Power Business WritingLearn the rudiments of effective business writing from industry experts. 
Put power in your2 writing whether writing a memo, a report or an email.
Also available is Technical Writing for engineers and other technical positions.  

 Explore and express your creativity through the written word.
 There is a writer in every one of us if we only allow our creativity to come out.
Our courses:
English Conversation
Oral Presentation
Public Speaking
English as a Second Language
Other Classes:    
Business Writing
Creative Writing
Speed Reading

Personal Awareness & Leadership seminar (PALs)A 3-day Human Potential Development seminar that will allow you to
 discover your full potential and live life with passion and zest.
 It is highly experiential with a combination of highly charged lectures, 
exciting exercises, dsicussions and participant sharing that make the 
experience very memorable and life enhancing. Partipants have 
discovered how to be totally resposnsible for their lives whether to make
 more money or have better relationships.
Topics range include the Law of Attraction, the Behaviorlal Matrix, the 
Subconscious Mind, taking back control of your life, Pygmallion
 Theory in Life, improving professional and personal relationships and 
many more.  Regularly held in Manila and Cebu. 
Also possible for exclusive engagements for organizations.    

A 90 day goal getting workshop where you will be guided by the team
 and a life coach in achieving clarity and purpose in your life to live a life of 
commitment. You will have 4 goals and will work on it during the program.
You will participate in three intensive weekends and two 2-hour 
checkpoints over the 90 day period.     

Teen Speak
TeenSpeak is designed for the special needs of teenagers
 as they pass from childhood to adulthood.

Why wait until you need training?
Train the people before you need to. 

Power Sales This course is highly recommended for all sales managers and supervisors. 
Marketing support staff would also benefit a great deal from this program.
It covers the entire cycle from prospecting, making powerful presentations,
 handling objections and closing the sale.
Regularly offered as a public course in Manila, Cebu and Davao. It can also
 be run as an in8 house seminar designed to fit your particular product 
or service. 
Power Customer Service     
Understand the importance of good service to your customers, the
 organization and to themselves
An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure. A lot of training 
companies come to us when they have a problem with interpersonal
 relationships among the staff, when the resentment has escalated to
 the point where it is becoming counterproductive and sometimes it is 
already too late. Positions have been drawn too distinctly and no one 
wants to give in their position. Sometimes they call us when morale is 
down and results have been deteriorating. 

This is like bringing your car in for an overhaul rather a routine check up. 
We schedule our vehicles and other equipment in the office for a regular
 maintenance schedule to keep them running in tip top condition but our
 most valuable resource is kept running without a periodic maintenance
. People are the most valuable resource of most companies, they make
 the computers and the systems run. A lot of companies do not invest 
in a continuous training program for their people because they seem to
 think training is an expense they can do without.

But let us look at the cost of one key employee leaving. There is the 

separation benefit, the searching for a replacement cost, the orientation

 of the new employee, the early mistakes on the job, the risk of hiring the 

wrong person, the learning curve compared to the cost of keeping an 

experienced person highly motivated, sharp and eager to learn and get 

better at doing his responsibilities and constantly seeking for new

 challenges and new responsibilities.

PowerSpeak is your partner in keeping your personnel highly motivated,

 constantly sharp and performing at peak levels.

Get Promoted Faster!

Why do some people get promoted to higher positions and some wallow

 in menial positions forever? Some people who seem to be technically

 qualified do not get the promotions and some who are just as qualified

 move up very quickly. What is the determining qualification?

 The difference is their ability to communicate. Learn from the experts

 in their fields. PowerSpeak Instructors are especially chosen for their

 level of experience in the particular courses they are teaching.

Open to High School and College Students, and professionals. 

Tutorials also available for more personalized sessions.

Get the training before you need it.
Most people get training when they need it but great 
leaders get the training so they will not need it.
Joey P. Reyes


 1.   Jollibee Foods Corporation
2.    Chowking
3.    Greenwich Pizza Corp.
4.    San Miguel Corporation
5.    Kimberly Clark Philippines
6.    Philips Group of Companies
7.    FERN Inc.
8.    NuSkin Philippines Inc.
9.    Nu Skin Greater China
10.   Nu Skin South East Asia
11.  Philippine Daily Inquirer
12.   UNILAB Nutritionals
13.    Buy n Sell
14.    Trend Micro
15.     SC & C Cosmotech
16. Sun Life Financials   
17.    WG & A  
18.    DV Technologies
19.    Asia Cargo
20.    Globe Telecom
21.    ALC Group of Companies
23.    Canon Marketing Philippines
24.    Century Properties
25.    Destination Specialists
26.    Office of the Presidential Adviser for the Peace Process (OPAPP)
27.    Japan Gas Company Philis
28.    Ho Cheng Philippines
29.    General Milling
30.    Monde Nissin Corporation
31.    Metro Drug, Inc.
32.    Makati Development Corporation
33.    United Nations
34.    Fil-Estate Group of Companies
35.    STI College
36.    SPI Technologies, Inc
37.    National Electrification Agency (NEA)
38.    Solvay Pharmaceutical Inc., Phils.
39.    Equalivet Incorporated
40.    Avon Cosmetics, Inc. King Foods
41.    Country Bankers Insurance Corp.
42.    Henkel Philippines, Inc
43.    Department of Energy
44.    ASA Color
45.    Virjen Shipping Agency
46.    J.F. Kuzma School, Pampanga
47.    Isuzu Cebu
48.    Fortune Insurance Corporation
49.    REDEVCO
50.    Allied Bank Corporation
51.    FEDEX
52.    AIM Global
53.    Ayala Land
54.    H.A.N.D Corporation
55.    Cebu Grand Hotel
56.    Canon Marketing Philippines
57.    Super Ads
58.    Amega Global
59.    All Meda Marketing
60.   Bibby International
61.   3C Migration Inc

Unit 509 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower
2210 Don Chino Roces Avenue
Makati City

Telephone: +632.840.5960
Fax: +632.893.7869

Information: (in front of Don Bosco Makati)



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By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just started a new contest called Mama's day out!

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Yes, a person who holds a leadership position should know the importance of communication. Persons in higher hierarchy of an organization have to improve their communication skills to effectively solve any issues pertaining to human relations.