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Have You Received a BIR Notice? Tax Solution

Have You Received a BIR Notice? Tax Solution

Have you / your friends received a 
Tax Verification Notice / Letter of Authority / Letter of Notice from the BIR?  Have no fear.  
Chances are, some dirty elements are at work and the intended beneficiary is not the government.  Whatever you do don't compromise your integrity.  Don't settle anything under the table
Instead, discover the ways how to deal with this corrupt system.  Don't miss the seminar TOP SECRETS of HANDLING BIR AUDIT --- Surefire Ways to SAVE A LOT without compromising your integrity slated on May 25-27, 1:30 - 5:30pm at Crowne Plaza Galleria.   Discover legal, moral and ethical ways to reduce your tax burden.  Limited seats only.  A MUST-ATTEND seminar before you deal with the BIR. 
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please call Leni at 470-1055 or 470-1054 or text your fax number to 0905-3364486.

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Including Letter of Authority, Tax Verification Notice and Subpoena Duces Tecum 
Surefire Ways to Save Money without Compromising Your Integrity May 25-27,  1:30 - 5:30pm Crowne Plaza Galleria 


DAY 1 - Fundamentals of Audit & Taxation                                                                      

·        Basic Concepts and Principles of a tax audit
·        Fundamental Concepts & Principles of Taxation
·    Burdens, Inhibitions and Rewards of Taxation
·    Sources of Taxation Rules and Regulations
·    Legal Escapes from Taxation
·       Inputs of Taxation
·    Outputs or products of taxation
·   Kinds of taxes
·   Subject matters of Taxation
·        Exemptions from Taxation
·        Common Tax Code Violations Leading to Prosecution
·        Plus other Important topics

DAY 2 – Taxpayer's Audit Survival Kit______________________________________

·        Understand how BIR operates
·        Know the power, authority, and duties of the BIR 
·    What every business establishments need to do
·         Rememeber all BIR Complaiance Requirements
·   Be aware of existing BIR Tax Enforcement programs
·    Know your rights and obligations as a tax payer
·        How to think from the standpoint of a BIR examiner
 ·   7 items check list of common issues raised during audit
·       Understand the remedies available to the taxpayers and to the BIR in relation to appliance taxes
 ·   5 must observed guidelines before allowing a tax audit 
·    4 tips on how to avoid tax audit inconveniences 

DAY 3 – Common Taxpayer's Pitfalls_______________________________________

·        21 Tips on how to handle LA, Subpoena Duces Tecum and BIR TVN
·        Key notes on filing returns and paying taxes
·         Understanding taxable income
·        Common reasons for disallowance of deductions
·        Cost of noncompliance and ignorance
·    Statutory offenses and penalties
·    Crimes, other offenses and forfeitures
·        Updates on latest BIR revenue regulations and other relevant issuances   
·        Actual Case Tests and BIR Solutions (Issues & Rulings)

·    Actual Case Tests and Solutions (BIR issues and Rulings)

·        Professional Lecturer
·        CPA Reviewer
·        Author of Textbooks and Reviewers on Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

·        Books Published (A Basic Approach to Income Taxation; Taxation CPA Reviewer & Quizzer; etc.)



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 Top Secrets of Handling BIR Audit
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      * Per Day                    Php 2,295 + VAT per pax
o  Regular Rate (starting May 19)                  
      * Whole Program        Php 5,895 + VAT per pax                                 

     * Per Day                    Php 2,695 + VAT per pax

o  Group Rate (Register 5 or more)           
      * Whole Program        Php 4,695 + VAT per pax                                

     * Per Day                    Php 1,995 + VAT per pax

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These are your best tax seminars that will help scale down your tax burdne legally, morally and ethically. For inquiries or questions, please call Leni at 470-1055 or text 0905-3364486 or visitwww.powermaxph.com..
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