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Winning Taekwondo, Pain and Reward of Dicipline

I started taekwondo way back 2nd year high school. I trained 6times a week 3 hours a day at 5pm to 8pm then road runs and weights every other morning. I cant imagine how hard i trained to gain the 2002 US Open and Korea Open qualification by winning Gold in the Carlos Palanca Jr Championship/ PGMA Cup National Welterweight and Middleweight division.

I remember "Miloboy" Japoy Lizardo Winning the Fin/Fly wiegth during this time and both of us were awarded by Professor Kang of Korea during 2002 Awarding Ceremony at Ninoy Aquino Stadium. Prior to Taekwondo i was a brat war freak youth who always have a figth with my classmate and different gang in the street everyday after school. I remember i have joined the fraternity and mess up with different gangster and distroyed school properties.

But it all change when i enter. applied and trained the tenets of Taekwondo this is what i learned.
Courtesy - Always bow to dojang, coach and superiors like seniors in the military you salute. Then in school i respect my teachers, outside I respect the law and authority, in home i respect my parents. Like how Monsour Del Rosario treated Master Hung as a father and a coach.
Integrity - Doing the right thing when the coach said you sit up and push up minimum 50x you don't cheat you do 50 or more. So that in the game you win the championship. Up to now im working i always apply the fairness and do win2 situation.
Perseverance - I am determined to focus on solution to whatever problem life will give to me. Being independent to face tough daily life with or without the help of others. I persevere to hit my goal and I’ve almost got half of it.
Self-control – I vividly remember when I control my temper way back 2005 after teaching at TUP-Visayas. Because I was punched at the back of my head by a drunk big guy. And during that time he was surrounded by my taekwondo students then I suddenly stop my Champion student attempting to attack the aggressor to let go. And let’s walk fast but still the drunken men still in tiger look at me. I think when I look to his eye’s square I could break his leg and his face but I was controlled by my heart. During that time I realize that an adult fight is very dangerous when you injured them or they injured you and both party lost. And you don’t know what happen when revenge, family, friends and connections enter. I think the best way is to run fast when you encounter fight. Also when I do officiating National/Unigames Championship the tension is in the final fight. When other coach and teams yelling at you because of close fight. Like when you see how NCAA/UAAP audience BOO/Yell/Shout at the referee/official during very close fight.
Indomitable spirit – Unfair people is always given wherever I go they shadowed at me.  I think its part of growing when somebody cut you off or do unjust cause to you. Just focus on productivity and grow on the other side of the game. I just always think that im not part of the problem because im part of the solution. When I encounter stupendous system and unreasonable human.
Community service – I learn the biblical principle of vine. To bear much more fruit, to undergo pruning when I do produce champions, accelerated students better than me. Referee, Black belts and coach better than me. Helping see people better than they are and those who in need. Doing missionary and non profit missions. Even in corporate world like seeing my reps better salespersons than me. In family helping my younger brothers and sisters to be better than me.
from age 14 to now i didn't have ant fight or quarrel/trouble with any one anymore. The battle is within the court losing a lot of fight and also winning championships.I then realize that the actual battle is when you bring home the beacon from a competition and bring home the glory.

I missed the game so much and when you returned home and being recognized in front of Schools in front of thousand students and faculty, Fellow Martial Artist and Government because whole province is in feast when you bring home the beacon..

Those were the Taining Days.

My Twin students Alan and Aldin Ong and Chris Martin Santiago.
Alan and Aldin is in high brown before they enter black belt
They need to memorize Poomsae 2foundations 8 Taeguk 8Palgue forms and
Kuryo as they reaached black. During promotion they need to undergo breaking of wood and blocks.
Else they wont pass. Also the hardest part is the Korean massage when 3 or more senior black belts sparring and beaten a hopeful high brown twins to be black. And they will make thesis all about taekwondo.

They became my varsity in San Agustin Bacolod and assistant coach and also they became a national referee after they reached 1st dan black belt.

So long, I salute the Filipino Athletes that train, dream and push harder.
Because when you won like in PBA the All Filipino Commissioners or Governors Cup.
It doesn’t stop their train more and move into SEA games, ASIAN games, World Cup, Olympics eventually the NBA or professionals league like Monsour, Bata, Pacman and Paeng did.They are world Champions!!!!

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Jayson R. Biadog said...

Thanks to all my mentors from PTA Sir Mats, Elmer, Ricky, Jobet, Jim, Rick, Tonet, Erwin, Jr, Rocky, Noli and a lot more...