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Promo period: March 19 to July 26, 2010
How to Join & who are eligible to join:
1. For a texter to qualify, he/she must:
a. be a subscriber of Smart, Talk n Text, Sun, Globe or 
Touch Mobile whether in post-paid or pre-paid;
b. have downloaded money tip or have sent 
money abroad via Western Union.
c. be registered to the WESTERN UNION SEND 
2. From March 19 to July 26, 2010, subscribers may 
join the promo by (any of the 2 options below):
a. by downloading a unique money tip and answering
 the weekly Western Union question.
b. by sending money abroad via Western Union.
How to earn entries:
1. Subscribers may earn entries by watching Star World, 
Star Movies or Fox, waiting for the promo plug with
the bi-weekly trivia question, downloading a unique
 money tip by answering the bi-weekly Western Union
trivia question. To download tip & send answer,
 text WU SEND to 2600. Ex. WU SEND yes.
P2.50/txt. One unique money tip is equivalent
 to 1 entry. Money tips will be replenished weekly.
2. Subscribers may also earn entries by sending money 
abroad via Western Union. To send transaction
details, text WU
  to 2600. Ex.
WU 12/17/09 3000 USA. P2.50/txt. 1 unique transaction,
 regardless of amount sent is equivalent to 10
3. For the Grand draw, subscribers who join by downloadin
g a unique money tip & answering the bi-weekly
Western Union trivia question and those who send their
 Western Union transaction details may win
consolations prizes but only subscribers who join by sending
 their Western Union transaction details
may win a trip for two to the USA [a roundtrip economy class 
ticket for two (2) to New York, Hotel
accommodations for one (1) twin room at a class B hotel for 5
 days and 4 nights plus $1,500 in pocket
4. A single Western Union transaction earns 10 raffle entries
 and may only be used once for the entire
duration of the promo. Part of the verification process is for
 the potential winner to produce the
transaction receipt with the winning details together with
 the winning sim card.
5. Only Western Union transactions originating from the
Philippines to any country abroad are valid
transactions that will earn entries and win prizes.
 Local remittances or transactions originating from other
countries to the Philippines are not eligible to
 earn entries and win.
6. Western Union transactions from March 19, 2010
 onwards are qualified to join the promo.
Product/Content Equivalent
Raffle Entry
1 unique money tip
1 entry
1 Unique Western Union (from the Philippines to 
any country abroad) 10 entries
How to register:
1. First-time users will be prompted to register to validate the entries sent.
2. Registration is only done once and is FREE of charge.
3. By registering to the promo, subscribers agree to receive 
freebie alerts, special offers and updates from
Western Union. If he/she wishes to opt out from free alerts, 
subscriber can text WU STOP to 2600 for free.
Text WU REG /// to 2600.
WU REG Ed Sy/#4 Atis St. QC/27/M
Sample reply:
Thank u for registering to the WESTERN UNION SEND 
FREE Registration. Keep Western Union rcpts to claim prize if u win.
U will also receive freebie alerts, special offers and
 updates from Western Union. If u don’t want to rcv
free alerts, text WU OFF to 2600 for free. Til:7/15/10
.DTI-NCR#0638s10.Qs?Call(02)8881200. See flyers
for details.
4. All information sent will be kept confidential and will be used solely for this promo.
Provision on invalid entries:
The ff: shall not earn entries:
1. Those subscribers not registered to the promo.
2. Subscribers who have not sent in valid Western Union
 transaction details or have not downloaded a
money tip during the promo period
3. Repeat downloads and transaction details sent more than once
Who are NOT qualified/eligible to join the promo:
1. All employees of Fox International, Xurpas, Western Union,
 Smart Communication, Sun Cellular, Globe
Telecom, Innove Communications, its agencies and their 
relatives up to the second degree of affinity or
consanguinity are disqualified from joining the promo.
What are the prizes:
Weekly Prizes:
30 Winners of For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert (Music CD)
30 Winners of Play On – Carrie Underwood (Music CD)
30 Winners of David Cook – David Cook (Music CD)
30 Winners of David Archuleta – David Archuleta (Music CD)
30 Winners of American Idol Season 8 (Music CD)
30 Winners of Kris Allen – Kris Allen (Music CD)
30 Winners of American Idol Cap
30 Winners of American Idol Randyisms Tee-Shirt
30 Winners of American Idol CD Case
Grand Raffle Prizes:
50 Winners of American Idol All-Star Challenge
50 Winners of American Idol Collector’s Edition Monopoly
10 Winners of iPod Shuffle (3rd Generation)
10 Winners of Kindle E-book reader
1 Winner of a Trip for two (2) to USA (New York)
1. Weekly prizes and consolation prizes at the grand
 raffle will not be transferable but convertible cash.
2. The US trip is comprised of a roundtrip economy class
 ticket for two (2) to New York, Hotel accommodations
for one (1) twin room at a class B hotel for 5 days
 and 4 nights plus $1,500 in pocket money.
3. Western Union will shoulder the 20% government
 tax for prizes exceeding P10,000
4. The winner of the US Trip package is required to
 have valid passport (with at least 6 months validity) and a
US Visa. Western Union and Fox International will not 
be responsible in securing the US Visa of the winner
and his/her companion. In the event that the winner 
cannot secure a US visa, the US trip package is
transferable or convertible to cash (worth PHP 276,000.00).  
5. Travel taxes and other travel related expenses shall be shouldered by the winner.
Determination of Raffle Winners:
1. There will be thirty (30) bi-weekly raffle winners 
and one hundred tweny one (121) winners in the grand
draw for the promo duration. A person can only win once
 per draw, should the same person be drawn more
than once, he/she gets the prize with the higher value.
2. All non-winning entries will be carried over to the next draw.
3. A person, regardless of mobile number used, can only win 
once per bi-weekly draw but may win again in
succeeding bi-weekly and grand draws. If subscriber is drawn
 more than once in a draw, he or she shall
get the prize of higher value and a backup winner will be declared 
as winner of the prize with lower value.
4. The “Board of Judges” composed of a duly authorized
 representative from Western Union or its agency,
A+B Expedio and its SMS provider, Xurpas, with the
 presence of a DTI representative will witness the
drawing of winners. Decisions by the Board of Judges
 are final with concurrence of DTI.
Validation Process:
1. Winners from Smart and/or Talk ‘n Text will receive 
a call via Smart’s Special Access number 7777 from
an authorized representative.
2. Verified winners will be notified by a call & registered mail 
from an authorized Western Union representative.
3. For prizes that are won because of a Western Union transaction,
 winning transaction receipt will be validated
by Western Union (AROC) before subscriber is eligible to claim prize/s.
Redemption of Prizes:
1. The winner must present the following when claiming their prize:
2 valid IDs with picture and address
The winning SIM card where the entry was made
For Western Union transaction winners, the winning transaction receipt with details that match
entry made
Registered mail
2. For prepaid subscribers, account should be active
 and should have been properly decremented for all
transactions. If inactive, winner shall present an affidavit 
of loss when claiming the prize.
3. For post-paid subscribers, account should have no 
outstanding balances on the date of redemption.
4. If winner is a minor, he/she must be accompanied by
 his parent/s or legal guardian.
5. Qualified winners must claim their prizes within sixty (60)
 days from receipt of notification. Failure to claim
within the allotted time/duration forfeits the winner’s right
 over the prize with prior DTI approval.
6. The raffle winner agrees to have his/her name and photo 
included in all advertisements and other related
7. Prizes may be claimed at A+B Expedio Integrated 
Marketing Communications, Inc. at 2/F IDC Bldg, E.
Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Quezon City, 1110 Philippines.
 Tel (632) 687-4883-84 c/o Valerie Peramide
8. For Western Union transaction winners, in case 
rawn winner cannot present the winning transaction re-
ceipt with details that match the winning entry, the winner 
will be disqualified and another winner will be
Control Measures:
1. DTI representative shall be invited to check, test, 
validate and verify the computer system for receiving
entries and registration and determination of winners. 
A copy of the said system shall be sealed in an
envelope and signed by the DTI representative for safekeeping 
of Xurpas for verification of DTI at anytime.
2. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be 
given to the DTI Representative after verification.
The DTI representative shall check the database of the promo
. Database for Western Union transaction
details shall be separate from money tip download and
 shall not be consolidated for the Grand draw.
3.  Another DTI representative will be invited to be present
 during the actual determination of the winners.
4. Xurpas will generate a list of qualified participants before the draw.
5.  A copy in CD shall be sealed in an envelope and
 signed by a DTI representative for safekeeping of Xurpas
and for verification of DTI at anytime until all prizes are claimed.
6. After the winner is determined, it will be verified from
 the generated list by a Xurpas representative and
the DTI representative. A soft copy of the generated list of
 qualified participants shall also be given to the
DTI representative.
7. The list of winners will be given to the DTI
 representative after determination.
8. Xurpas will inform DTI of the final winner after
 verifying from the telecommunication companies and any
disqualified winner(s) and reason(s) for disqualification.
9. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be
 submitted to the DTI representative after each
witnessed draw.
10. Database / list of participants shall include mobile number,
 name, address, date and time of transaction,
type of transaction and a column shall be added to include the 
raffle numbers assigned randomly.
11. A participant can opt-out of access numbers 2600 by
 texting STOP or may call 8895947 for manual
opt-out. Once opted out, the subscriber will no longer receive
 any unsolicited info text messages from the
access number/s.
• To get information about the promo
o Text WU or WU HELP to 2600
• To earn raffle entries via money tip dload
o Text WU SEND to 2600
o Ex. WU SEND yes
• To earn raffle entries via sending of Western Union transaction details
o Text WU to 2600
o Ex. WU 12/17/09 3000 USA
• To register and validate entries
o Text WU REG /// to 2600
o Ex. WU REG Ed Sy/#4 Atis St. QC/27/M.
*Cost: P2.50/txt for Globe & Smart; P2/txt for Sun
*Cost: P2.50/txt for Globe & Smart; P2/txt for Sun
*Cost: P2.50/txt for Globe & Smart; P2/txt for Sun
*Cost: FREE
Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 0638, Series of 201

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