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Win Bernhard H. Neyer Crono Watch: Questnet

Win Bernhard H. Neyer Crono Watch: Questnet

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QuestNet™ Brings Team Malaysia QI-Meritus.Mahara Road Show to Jeddah
28 Jan 2010

JEDDAH, 19 January 2009 – Grand Prix motorsport enthusiasts in Jeddah were treated to a glimpse of the upcoming GP2 Asia Series races to be held in the Middle East when Team Malaysia QI-Meritus.Mahara stopped over in the city today.
Jeddah was the second stop, after Doha, of a road show to allow enthusiasts the thrill of motorsport up-close and personal.
The road show forms an integral part of an initiative by QuestNet™– a Hong-Kong-based multilevel marketing company with global operations covering, among others, the Middle East, Africa and Asia – to remain in touch with clients and to promote its brand across the regions.
This is the third year since inception of the GP2 Asia Racing Series that the QuestNet™-sponsored team will be racing. Considering the team is already sitting high on the table in fourth place after the first round of races held in Abu Dhabi this year, things bode well for the team for the rest of the season. Team driver Luca Filippi is ranked fourth with eight points and team mate Diego Nunes is at fifteenth among the 24 drivers.
As part of the team’s efforts to build awareness of QuestNet™’s sponsorship and motorsport at large, the Malaysia QI-Meritus.Mahara team is travelling the region, with further visits planned for the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates over the next three months.
According to Mr. Sameer Yousef Abdulshakour, QuestNet™ Business Partner for KSA, the road show will finally extend to Malaysia, Tajikistan, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania from April till July 2010.
“As an Internet-based company, such a road show presents us with a unique opportunity to meet and engage with our clients and other stakeholders alike, while also giving motorsport fans the chance to experience the buzz of motorsport in their home cities,” Abdulshakour said.
The total sponsorship investment by QuestNet™ into Malaysia QI-Meritus, including activation fees and operational cost, is US$ 5 million for the current season.
Abdulshakour explained that QuestNet™’s decision to sponsor team Malaysia QI-Meritus.Mahara was based on the relation between motorsport and the direct marketing industry. “There is a direct relation between this sport and multilevel marketing. In both instances it requires performance, focus, passion, a winning attitude, and, last but not least, teamwork, to get ahead,” he said.
“We are taking those key elements and bringing them to the fans so they can witness what it is QuestNet™ does and the power, passion and precision we apply to our relationships.”
Mr. Raad Abduljawad, Chairman of Team Meritus.Mahara said the GP2 was the brain child of F1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone and former Renault F1 Team Manager Flavio Briatore.
He explained that it was the feeder category to the F1, which meant it was the training ground before moving on to F1 racing. “The GP2 operates on less then a hundredth of the cost of F1 and is designed to make it the perfect training ground for drivers going on to the Formula One. As such, all teams use the same chassis, engine and tyre supplier – meaning the race really rests on the abilities of the driver, unlike F1 where a team’s technological capabilities also come into play,” he added.
The 2010 GP2 Asia series lines up 12 teams from all over the world and Team Malaysia QI-MeritusMahara is the only team from South East Asia without the more acclaimed GP2 Europe experience.
QuestNet™ started its relationship with Team Malaysia QI-Meritus.Mahara in 2006 with the Formula V6 race in Zhuhai, China. In 2007, QuestNet™ was the main sponsor of Team CIMB QI-Meritus in Formula BMW Asia 2007, where its driver, Jazeman Jaafar, won first place of the Championship. Jazeman Jaafar was only 14 years old then and the first Malaysian and youngest driver ever to win a Formula BMW series.

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