Tuesday, April 20, 2010

JB Winning Best Picture Value

Winning Best Picture Value!

Powerfull, creative, artistic, stupendous, spectacular best Pictures....

Some Picture may cause us happiness, joy, love, memory, legacy, history
inspire us, even make us cry, excited, make us hope, see our vision, beauty
and some picture may bring us a living? business? a million? a winner?

The answer is all true...so lets take the picture that paints million of words.

See how... Did you see this Billboard everywhere? In Edsa?
This winning picture costs USD40k (around Php1.8 million).
Won by 25-year old Michelle De Jesus among thousand of
participants all over the Philippines.
submitted their photo entry for the lee make
history http://www.makehistory-ap.com/ campaign
photo contest for Asia Pacific including me.
 “Love Hurts”  worth a Million.. Ang sakit naman ng tatto ng artist na to...

Last Event of Panibagong Paraan 2006 Photo Contest Capture my heart
Because i see people pushing hard thier limits.
We have thrist for work and thrist for Educatio winner


First prize Winner: PhP 50,000 (She's Working even she got disease)

Rebuilding Lives After Leprosy
(First Place) by Cleober Sinues
Sta Barbara, Iloilo
The Women United Through
Handcrafted Lace
and Embroidery (WUTHLE),
organized by Belgian nuns,
provides former leprosy
patientsand their relatives
a source of livelihood.

"This picture will inspire millions 
of sick people all over the world"

Second prize: PhP 20,000 “Thirst for Knowledge”
I hope we've all got this value...
“Thirst for Knowledge” will provide us better quality of life!

“Thirst for Knowledge”
(Second Place) by Joe Galvez
Samar, November 2004
Elementary students
and teachers on the
island of Zumarraga
in Western Samar escort
a cart loaded with much-needed
textbooks purchased through
partnership program.
The paved road
made the 500-meter
delivery from the wharf
to thes chool site easier.

PhilAm Chaplain Manuel Biadog leads the Mission
of US Navy Capt to help millions of people all over the world
Victim of Poverty and calamities including leyte landslide,
feeding elders and children, education and medical mission aeta's
in Zamboanga to operation in Iraq and Cuba and Haiti Earthquake.
Balikatan forces here in Philippines, Japan, Asia, World
to neutralize the threat so that will sleep safe at night.

Helping humanitarian Mission in the Philippines
for a decade still continue up to now...


Jayson Biadog and US Navy Capt Manuel Biadog
Working together With Former AFP Chief of Staff Victor Ibrado

See the Man in Action, Men in the Arena
I think plane can land on his left chest...

Working with various Church Leaders like Sister Eva Maamo

Retired US Navy Tony Carcena, Rabbi Mitch Sharntz and Family,
S. Africa Ambasador Reyes and Wife, Hilda Erfe and Family,
Sister Eva Maamo and Staff, Bishop Efraim Perez and Catholic Preists,
Cocoy Biadog, Danilo Biadog Jr and Jayson Biadog are working together
with Admiral Vic Andamag and other AFP personnels
to last March 2010 a week medical
and feeding mission in north Lozun, Philippines

As far as picture would go it can send you drama
suspence winning letter like this...

From: TeamSpyder Service
To: jbiadog@yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 15:58:54
Subject: Spyder Hotshot Winner

Hotshots winner heading.jp

Dear Mr. Jayson Biadog,

Thank you for joining the Spyder Hotshots contest. We wish to advise you that
the photo you have submitted has been selected as one of the winners for the
Spyder Hotshot contest. As part of the prize you may select any Spyder item
with a maximum retail value of Php 1,800. Please email us three choices with
a ranking of preference so in case your first choice is not available we can
give you your second or third choice. Also give us your contact information
as well as exact address so we may ship the item to you.

Congratulations! And thank you for your support!

Team Spyder

Artistic Creative Picture Design...
Another Thing is is Can give you Excitement
and a potential to rech country like this...

But so far i didnt make it to win this..
1st Prize is trip to hollywood plus US$1k
But only this.....GC''s for finalist....sayang ganda ng masterpiece ko...
next timee..ok lang..accept defeat as a true gentlemen and fair player...

Aside from hadwork and creativity For you to get your dreams
dont sleep....hehe

Band of Strong Brothers Jaja and Jojo

So Keep on Winning Photo's that paints thousands of Words!!!!!

So long eto pa Calbo/Bald..hehehe...with essay to the women of your dreams....

So long to be continue.......

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