Monday, April 26, 2010

Bet Tiger or Vet Jack in Golf

Bet Tiger or Vet Jack in Golf

Where's your vote?
Billionaire Tiger Woods - Champion/Product Endorser/Celebrity
Veteran Jack Nicklaus  - Champion/Golf Course Designer/Apparel

Whos's the best Golf Player Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus?
The history show's that today Tiger Woods is the richest athlete net from 1996 to 2007.
And From 2008-2010 Estimated more than $100, 000, 000 per year earning.
More than a Billion US dollar in the entire career still counting now as of now April 27, 2010.

Just by playing golf, in history shows that he quit college just to play professional golf.
I can see that this person is a man of education that he can get as much as he want.
Just being the best in your field.

Jack William Nicklaus (Birthday: Jan 21, 1940) also known as "The Golden Bear"
Won 18 Major Championship from 1968 to 1977. (Retired)

Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods (Birthday: Dec 30, 1975) known as "Tiger Woods"
Won 14 Major Championship to present. 2010

What's your Bet or Vet?
My Vet is the Title and Good Name and Good Family Relationship.
Happiness you can treasure for the rest of your life money can't buy.

Qualifying Tournament To US Jupiter, Florida
       International Jack Nicklaus
   @ Sherwood Hills, Cavite 2009

With my Mentor, Officemate, Partner Doubles
With my Fil-Jap Mentor Sir Joey Abejo

Very Skillfull Competitor We Called
"Phil Mickelson" and "Tiger Woods"

Thanks Sir Beaver Lopez
Team Pacific Hub Doubles
Attracting Call Center Foreign Investors

Let's Include Golf Cart Racing to the Olympics!!!

Thanks Jack Nicklaus, Pacific Hub Corp
& Rustan's for great memory and Sponsorship!


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